Stephen J. Fletcher | Southern Folklife Collection Steel Guitar Concert
Created 24-Mar-13
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Concert sponsored by the Southern Folklife Collection at the University of North Carolina, held at The ArtsCenter, Carrboro, North Carolina on 23 March 2013.
Chris Scruggs, Jared Manzo, and John EnglandChris ScruggsChris ScruggsJared ManzoJared ManzoJohn EnglandChris ScruggsChris Scruggs, Jared Manzo, and John EnglandJared Manzo and John EnglandChris Scruggs, Jared Manzo, and John EnglandChris ScruggsJohn EnglandJohn EnglandJohn EnglandChris ScruggsChris ScruggsBill KirchenBill KirchenCindy CashdollarBill Kirchen

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