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Kara Adams(non-registered)
Looking forward to photos of the Wild West!
Val Elliot(non-registered)
Are any for sale? I'm going to redecorate my bedroom and want to do something with b&w. I think some of these fantastic photos would be just perfect!
Bruce Johnson(non-registered)
Stephen, I'm so pleased that you're seriously back to your photography! If this portfolio is any indication, you have not lost your "touch" since your Indiana days. Beautiful, provocative images--I especially liked the church through the bottom of the cross--somewhat reminiscent of "Where God's People Meet"! In any case, stay with it, my friend, and thank you for posting this collection for all to appreciate.
Cindy Griffiths(non-registered)
Oh, so glad to see your site! Beautiful work! Can't wait to see more! Keep 'em coming!
k.c. ferrill(non-registered)
Love this site Stephen! Your photos have such a great zen feeling to them. I am very glad that you are sharing your work!
Bill Richards(non-registered)
Very nice, Stephen. Can't wait to see more.
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